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Why Should I Consider Minimal Invasive Foot Surgery?

Minimal invasive foot surgery involves keyhole incisions in order to surgically  correct various foot and ankle problems. Generally small (2-4mm) instruments are used to make very small cuts (osteotomies) in order to realign or correct toes. The benefits include less pain, faster recovery and less wound problems.

What conditions can be treated with minimal invasive foot surgery?

  • Bunions
  • Lesser toe deformities (metatarsalgia) including hammer toes and bunionettes
  • Heelbone spurs
  • Prominent bony bumps
  • Flatfoot correction
  • High arch foot correction

What can I expect regarding recovery?

After forefoot minimal invasive surgery patients can start weight bearing (walking) from day 1 after the surgery in a special shoe for 3-6 weeks. It is normal to experience mild pain and often the feeling that bones are “moving”. This is part of the normal recovery process. Swelling of the foot and toes can be expected and usually settle over a couple of months. Sometimes the toes will be strapped with a special tape for the 1st 4 to 6 weeks. Most patients report return to normal walking between 3 to 4 months.

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